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Driven By Change

Stop Wasting $$$ on Tires and Fuel

Hire the precision alignment experts

that will save you thousands of dollars.

 • Decrease your overall Tire Wear and

    Eliminate Irregular Wear

      * Feathered Wear or Cupping

 • Reduce Fuel Consumption

 • Improve Handling and Driver Satisfaction

     * Right Pull, Vibrations or Road Wandering

Commercial Alignments

Studies have shown that 80% of New Trucks are out of alignment straight from the factory. That is why manufacturers recommend that an alignment check be done at 15,000 miles. With your busy schedule and the tight margins in today's industry, this is generally not in the cards.

That is why we are Driven By Change. Patridge Commercial Alignments provides your vehicle's first alignment check absolutely free.  If your truck doesn't need an alignment, we won't charge.

Make Your Truck Drive Better Today

Our proprietary technology guarantees a precise and accurate alignment every time

Two-Axle Alignment


Flat Rate at Your Location

(Includes Shims)



Flat Rate at Your Location

(Includes Shims)

Three-Axle Alignment


Flat Rate at Your Location

(Includes Shims)

Alignment Check


At Your Location

We won't upsell you on unneeded parts

Why waste time and money taking your truck to a shop that upsells you on unneeded parts and keeps your revenue producing truck for days


Hours a Day


Days a Week


Days a Year


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